ETL/ELT data integration

Bring the data into one place
with the ETL/ELT process.

Unify data from different sources through convenient processes.

Data integration using ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) or ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) processes is an approach to collecting, processing and loading data from different sources into one common database for business analysis, reporting or other analytical operations.

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Scope of service


Together with the client, we agree on a strategy for the implementation of Business intelligence tools, matching the direction of development of his organization.


During the implementation of BI, we install, configure, test, train and prepare documentation. We help at every stage.


After setting the objectives and expected results, we help in the selection of the tools required for implementation, guided by the chosen strategy.


After the implementation, we transfer all know-how to the customer's resources. All this so that the service in the future can be carried out without additional assistance. Vizyble specialists will be happy to answer any questions and support you in maintaining the process.

ETL process

The ETL process is a method of moving data into an easily accessible repository. It helps migrate data from distributed systems, centralizes it and converts it to different formats and types to maintain consistency with the target system.

ELT process

ELT is the process of extracting data from one or more sources and loading it into a target data warehouse. Instead of transforming the data before storing it, ELT uses the target system to transform the data.

Solutions tailored to your business

It is our role to select the best possible solution for your company. After an initial analysis of your environment, we will select the best set of tools to make the integration go quickly and smoothly.

Service implementation process

Free consultation

Pre-implementation analysis

During a “zero” meeting or workshop, we jointly determine the objectives of the project, its exact scope and the expected functionalities of the Business intelligence solution.


Presentation of the concept

In the next step, we propose how the service will be performed, in accordance with the established requirements. All this is tailored to the environment of a particular company.


BI implementation

During the implementation, we provide the necessary BI tools and implement them in the client environment.

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Dashboard for Manufacturing Company


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ETL/ELT data
integration tools.

There is a wide range of ETL/ELT data integration tools on the business intelligence market. At Vizyble, we mostly work with Alteryx and Fivetran.

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