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Discover the full potential of your data with Tableau Pulse.

Tableau Pulse helps you move from the "what" to the "why." Pulse automatically detects and generates conclusions, anticipates questions you might ask, and even suggests questions you might not have thought of. This helps you make better decisions faster, without having to spend time analyzing data manually.

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Take advantage of artificial intelligence in Tableau Pulse.

Automate analysis and personalize requests

Tableau Pulse uses AI to automatically generate insights, personalizing and delivering them directly into the workflow, speeding up the decision-making process.

Integration with everyday tools

Data and key metrics are easily accessible in tools that employees use every day (e.g. Slack, email), which increases productivity and eliminates the need to switch between applications.

Flexibility and Scalability

The ability to define metrics and KPIs once and consistently used across the organization ensures consistency and saves analysts time.

Delivering the Next-Gen Experience

Present data with intuitive metrics that are delivered directly to users in their workflows, enabling easy scaling and sharing across the company.

Delivering the Next-Gen Experience

Interactive data analysis

Users can ask questions and dig deeper into the data using guided follow-up questions that are actively presented in the context of the data.

Interactive data analysis

Flexible configuration options

Customize the measure and inference layer to meet your individual needs and the capabilities of your organization, enabling you to optimize the efficiency of your data work.

Flexible configuration options

Tableau Pulse

Interactive and Contextual Insights

Users can interact with automatically generated inferences to deepen analyses and arrive at more detailed information that is presented in understandable natural language.

Personalized newsfeed with key KPIs

Pulse offers a customized flow of information that allows you to quickly access the most important measures and indicators for the user.

Expanded analysis capabilities

With Insights and additional features that will be introduced, users will get even more tools for data analysis, including targets and thresholds for metrics, and support for specific accounts, like fiscal year support.


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