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Data is power. Business Intelligence solutions will help you make the best business decisions.
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What solutions do we offer?

See more than ever before

We make even complex data simple to analyze. We create interactive reports with maps, charts and indicators because we put readability first. This will help you better understand relationships, trends and connections between different sources. Read more.

Draw conclusions based on solid data

We will bring reporting automation to your company to make business decision-making even easier. Manually reposting data, creating presentations, over-sourcing - these are just some of the problems that reduce reporting efficiency. We know how to streamline these processes. Read more

All data in one place

Data warehouses are essential for effective information management. Storing data from multiple sources in a single place that processes it in a rapid manner enables efficient analysis. Read more.

Bring the data to one place

Data from different sources behave in different ways. They need to be organized and unified in order to work on them. ETL/ELT data integration is the process by which all information can be put into a common database. We will choose the one that will be most beneficial for your company. Read more

We know what we are doing.

We are specialists in our field, but that is not what sets us apart. We focus on full personalization and customization of services. We don't offer tools, we look for and solve your business problems.
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    Flexible and personalized approach
    We offer tailor-made solutions. Thanks to our flexibility, we match tools, systems, project team and final product to your budget and needs. You get a ready-made tool to help you run your business.
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    Solving business problems
    We implement solutions that are adequate to your goals and create easy-to-use cockpits that provide you with critical data from multiple sources to help you make business decisions much faster and easier.
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    We implement BI solutions
    Successful business intelligence solutions are a synergy between different processes - from data acquisition, processing, analysis, selection of appropriate indicators and visualization. Ultimately, a company should get a simple solution to its business problems, not additional systems to implement.

Technology partnerships

The tools on which we work we know inside out. Their choice is not accidental - flexibility in the selection of solutions guarantees that the implementation will be effective.

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Work with people who know what they're doing

Our team are Business Intelligence experts with a portfolio of BI implementation projects for a variety of industries.
Mateusz Różański CEO Vizyble

Our team takes an individual approach to each task. Our goal is to solve business problems with business intelligence solutions.

Mateusz Różański, CEO, Vizyble
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    Companies that make data-driven decisions are 77% more likely to succeed.

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    Companies that use Business Intelligence make decisions five times faster than those that do not.

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Vizyble is all about people. Professionally involved in business analytics, and more specifically...

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Thanks to the support of Vizyble, the daily operational cooperation with the media house was greatly simplified, which almost immediately translated into better results of the campaigns. Streamlining the reporting process allowed for real-time insight and in-depth analysis of data. We do not waste time preparing reports, focusing on their analysis. We get acquainted with the effects of individual actions much faster and more efficiently, and the most important KPIs of the campaign are presented in a unified way.
Kamil Rentflejsz
Digital & E-commerce Marketing Manager
LG Electronics Poland

Services designed specifically for specific industries.

We know that every industry has different needs, tasks and expected results. We select business intelligence solutions to make them as effective as possible. Personalization is our middle name. Choose your area and see how we can support you in growing your business.

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Darmowa wiedza Business Intelligence -
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