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Business Intelligence is an area that relies on advanced data analysis to solve business problems. In order to make the right decisions and grow companies, we should know as much as possible - starting with employees, processes and the entire industry. With business intelligence analysis, companies can better understand their operations, identify market trends, forecast financial performance and make more informed decisions.

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Data easily available

Everything you need is up-to-date and visualized with dashboards. Whether you run advertising campaigns, wholesalers or manage a team.

Better business decisions

With Business Intelligence solutions, you have insight into even the most advanced correlations between data. This makes you make more accurate business decisions.

Complete automation

Everything happens by itself. No more pasting data, complicated Excel, or lack of up-to-date information.

We support at every stage

We implement business intelligence solutions from A to Z. This means that we follow specific processes to make collaboration clear and simple.

Business analytics are four main points:

  1. 01

    Data preparation

    As a first step, we need to collect data from all sources and automate their acquisition.

  2. 02

    Data flows

    The next step is to organize the data and arrange it so that it can be easily visualized.

  3. 03

    Data reporting

    Data should be easy to understand in order to use it. We present them on dashboards and dashboards to make them easier for you to read and analyze.

  4. 04

    Post-implementation support

    Implementation is not everything. We train, organize technical audits of your tools and support their development so that everything works as it should.

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Data is power for your business

  • Answers to questions

    Properly implemented BI technologies make it possible to answer all pressing questions at a glance, with advanced data mining that is feasible in seconds.

  • Increased operational efficiency

    Business intelligence tools and solutions provide essential data in real time, making it easier to make good data-driven business decisions.

  • Links between data sources

    Finding correlations between specific phenomena is easy, thanks to easy access to multiple data sources at once.

  • No IT expertise

    Accessibility for everyone. Business Intelligence at its core enables you to draw conclusions and make business decisions without IT expertise.

  • Ease of acceptance

    With data visualization on accessible dashboards and dashboards, you don't have to wonder what each indicator means.

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The pricing structure for business analytics services is determined individually for each project, taking into account its scope, complexity and client requirements. The price is mainly based on the number of hours of work of specialists and the technologies and tools used.

Yes, after each implementation we provide documentation and training on the implemented solutions. We also take care of maintenance and support for projects if needed.

After implementation, we offer comprehensive technical support, system maintenance and regular software updates.

Our team consists of experienced specialists in the areas of data analysis, business intelligence, programming and business consulting with extensive experience in implementing projects for various industries.

The first steps in implementation include understanding the client's needs, defining the project's business objectives, collecting and analyzing data, and designing appropriate solutions.

We usually conduct projects in agile methodologies, but we are not afraid to carry out large implementation projects using the waterfall method. All project management takes place in Notion, where clients can monitor the progress of the project on an ongoing basis and have access to project documentation.

Integration with existing systems is done through the best possible solution in a given scenario. If the data source is a cloud or SaaS application then we will use native connectors in ETL/ELT tools or write a connector to an API. In other cases, we write dedicated integrations.

We ensure the security and confidentiality of data through the use of encryption protocols, authentication systems, access privilege management. We connect to the client's infrastructure through VPN.

Business Intelligence solutions allow companies to efficiently collect, analyze and present data to make faster fact-based decisions, identify trends, optimize processes and increase business efficiency. Implementing Business Intelligence solutions can bring a number of benefits to a company, such as faster data-driven decision-making, improved operational and strategic efficiency, identification of trends and patterns hidden in data, increased competitiveness through better understanding of the business, optimization of business processes or increased profitability through better use of data.

We tailor services to specific business problems. We mainly work for manufacturing, retail, service, e-commerce, start-ups and marketing agencies. Do you run a business in another industry? Write to us!

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