Tableau Prep

Grouping data with Tableau Prep.

Tableau Prep enables transformations and grouping of data for analysis. It works with intelligent algorithms. It allows us to publish and plan data flows. It is a solution for all business users who would like to check the quality of their data or supplement it with additional information from other sources, without coding.

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Merge, transform, group data in Tableau Prep.

Combining and shaping data

Tableau Prep allows you to easily combine data from different sources, aggregate, separate, and transform columns and rows, enabling you to effectively shape your data into a more useful form.

Clean and organize your data

Users can use intelligent algorithms that help identify and correct errors in data, such as inconsistent naming or missing values, thus ensuring greater accuracy of analyses.

Automate and schedule data flows

Tableau Prep allows you to schedule data flows, which allows you to automate the data preparation process and ensure that all analyses are performed on current and properly prepared data.

Tableau Prep Builder

Tableau Prep Builder is an application designed to prepare data before analyzing it in Tableau, allowing quick and intuitive data merging, shaping and cleaning.

Tableau Prep Builder

Tableau Prep Conductor

Tableau Prep Conductor allows you to centrally manage, schedule and monitor data flows created in Tableau Prep Builder. It allows you to automate and schedule regular updates to data flows.

Tableau Prep Conductor

Live data viewing and editing

Tableau Prep allows users to preview data in real time at any stage of preparation, allowing them to immediately see the impact of changes and adjustments on the final data set, even before it is saved or further processed.

Live data viewing and editing

Tableau Prep

Saving time in data preparation

Tableau Prep significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare data for analysis, thanks to automated transformation and cleanup processes, allowing analysts to focus on extracting insights instead of manually processing data.

Intuitive user interface

With an intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop mechanism, Tableau Prep makes complex data preparation tasks simpler and more accessible, even for those with less experience working with data.

Greater control over data quality

Users have the ability to quickly detect and fix data quality issues, increasing the reliability of analytics and enabling more accurate, data-driven business decisions.

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