Tableau Server

Share and analyze data with Tableau Server.

Tableau Server is a centralized repository of data sources and reports that simultaneously manages user permissions and content sharing. Server speeds up analytical tasks by automating them. You can set alerts and subscriptions, as well as set refresh times for data sources and reports.

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Centralization of data

The main benefit is to allow data to be stored in one place, which simplifies information management and eliminates the problem of duplication.

Real-time collaboration

Employees can share dashboards and visualizations, leading to better collaboration and faster decision making.

Automate data and reports

Tableau Server automates regular updates of data and reports, ensuring that all users have access to the latest information.

Advanced privilege management

Tableau Server provides detailed control over who can view, edit, publish and interact with data and visualizations, ensuring security and compliance with company policies.

Advanced privilege management

Interactive dashboards and visualizations

The platform allows users to create and share rich, interactive dashboards that can be explored by others in the organization, fostering better understanding of data and facilitating decision-making processes.

Interactive dashboards and visualizations

Data integration and availability

Tableau Server ensures that relevant data sets are available and up-to-date to all authorized users, eliminating information silos and ensuring consistent analysis across the organization.

Data integration and availability

Tableau Server


The solution is scalable and can be adapted to growing business needs, allowing you to support more users and larger volumes of data without sacrificing performance.

Security and access control

Tableau Server enables you to implement advanced security policies, including multi-factor authentication and access control at the user and group levels, to protect sensitive data.

Integration with existing systems and data

Tableau Server can be integrated with a variety of data sources and enterprise systems, such as databases, data warehouses, business applications, etc., making it easy to consolidate and analyze data in one place.

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