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Business Intelligence plays a key role in the manufacturing sector, enabling companies to effectively manage data, make fact-based decisions and optimize processes.

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Dedicated solutions for manufacturing companies

Dedicated management dashboards for production and supply chain managers
We develop dashboards tailored to the manufacturing sector, focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as production efficiency (OEE), inventory management and supply chain optimization.
Calculation of Technical Manufacturing Cost (TKW)
For manufacturing companies that have the need to determine TQF based on their own operational parameters, we have developed a solution that integrates with any IT infrastructure and offers a rich layer of reporting that we can develop together. Our solution allows you to better understand the profitability of customers, products and production orders. As a result, companies gain insight into cost allocation, identify cost drivers, and make informed decisions to optimize costs and improve margins.
Predictive Maintenance Analytics
We create predictive analytics solutions for machine maintenance and maintenance that help manufacturing companies proactively identify equipment failures and optimize maintenance schedules, leading to cost savings and reduced downtime.
Visual Management
We offer solutions that allow you to monitor production processes in real time in the form of intuitive dashboards presented on screens in the production hall or warehouse. This allows manufacturing companies to measure efficiency and identify defects early in the production cycle and improve overall product quality.

Predictive analysis

Forecast demand, manage inventory and plan production based on historical data and market trends.

Process optimization

Business intelligence analysis can help identify areas to optimize production processes, leading to cost reductions and increased efficiency.

Monitoring of production efficiency

Business Intelligence allows you to analyze data on production efficiency, downtime, machine performance and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Graphical visualizations allow you to quickly identify areas for improvement.

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