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How much time per month do you spend preparing reports?

Data visualization and reporting automation is a solution that saves time, improves customer communication and improves the results of ongoing campaigns. Access to detailed data is the key to success.

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Dedicated solutions for marketing agencies

Analysis of campaign performance
We develop campaign performance analysis tools to help agencies track and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns across channels, optimizing ROI for their clients.
Automate reporting for customers
We implement reporting automation solutions for clients that streamline the process of generating custom reports on key metrics and campaign performance. This saves time and improves communication with the agency's clients.
Automation of internal processes and no-code applications
We help improve internal processes and work organization by providing dedicated solutions based on no-code applications such as Airtable, Make. We build internal portals, dedicated CRM systems and automatic reporting systems.

Reporting and presentation of results

Business Intelligence makes it easy to generate advanced reports that you can easily present to your clients. Interactive dashboards are an effective way to present data!

Monitoring campaign effectiveness

Business intelligence solutions allow you to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can easily assess which strategies are the most profitable and which need to be changed. This allows you to optimize your marketing efforts and better allocate your advertising budget.

Quick decision-making

Business intelligence solutions provide marketing agencies with the tools to quickly analyze data and make accurate decisions. This is crucial, especially in a dynamic marketing environment where speed of response can be critical to the success of a campaign.

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