Fivetran is a tool that helps companies easily and automatically transfer data from different sources to a single place where it can be easily analyzed.

Collect data quickly and efficiently.

Fivetran collects data from a variety of places, such as databases, data analysis programs, or online applications, and then sends it to a single place where it can be easily viewed and understood.

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Upload and analyze data from various sources.

A wide range of data sources

Fivetran supports a wide range of data sources, such as databases, cloud applications, analytics tools and more. This allows users to easily integrate data from different platforms.

Saving time

Fivetran provides rapid implementation, enabling companies to get up and running with their data quickly. The absence of a lengthy and complicated configuration process translates into immediate data availability.

Full control over the process

Automatic data transfer processes can additionally transform the data during each load. Transformation does not require specialized knowledge, only knowledge of a commonly used query language - SQL.

Data management in the cloud

Fivetran supports integration with popular cloud databases, allowing users to store data in a flexible and scalable way.

Data management in the cloud


Fivetran automates the ETL process, meaning that data is automatically extracted, transformed and loaded into the target system. This saves time and eliminates the need for manual intervention.



All tools are integrated with each other. Automated processes happen on their own.



Updates on a regular basis

Fivetran is constantly updating its connectors and features to adapt to changes in technology and provide users with the latest and most effective solutions.

Ease of configuration

Fivetran offers simple and intuitive setup, eliminating the need for manual coding. Users can quickly set up connections to various data sources without the need for advanced programming knowledge.

Data security

Fivetran provides a high level of security, including encryption in traffic between client environments and appropriate access security.

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Fivetran is a powerful data integration tool that helps companies combine and centralize data from different sources in one place to use for analysis.

Fivetran uses off-the-shelf connectors to take data from source systems, convert it into a consistent format, and load it to a selected destination in the cloud, all automatically and continuously.

Fivetran supports more than 150 data sources, including popular applications such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook and Google Ads and Amazon Redshift.

Yes, Fivetran takes data security seriously, encrypting data during both transmission and storage, and using industry best practices to ensure data security.

We have implemented many integrations based on Fivetran therefore we know the nuances of this platform and can help you quickly configure connectors and choose the optimal plan.

Although Fivetran automates most of the data transformation process, custom SQL transformations can be applied at the destination to further structure the data.

Fivetran offers near real-time data synchronization capabilities, ensuring that analyses are always up-to-date and contain the latest information. The shortest interval is 1 minute. Fivetran also supports webhook events.

Fivetran is highly scalable and can handle large amounts of data, making it suitable for companies of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.

Fivetran provides comprehensive support through documentation, tutorials and a dedicated support team to help with any questions or problems.

Yes, Fivetran offers a free trial period to test its functionality before committing to purchase a subscription. With a small volume of data, you can use Fivetran free of charge under the Free plan.

Getting started with Fivetran is easy! All you need to do is create an account, connect your data sources, configure your destination and start synchronizing your data.

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