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Better control of profits and losses in e-commerce

E-commerce is based on data analysis. Site traffic, sales, user information are just some of the areas to track. By introducing business intelligence solutions to e-commerce, you can draw conclusions and make good business decisions faster.

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Dedicated solutions for e-commerce

Conversion Rate Analysis (CRO)
We help you better analyze CRO for e-commerce companies to identify site usability issues, optimize sales funnels, and increase conversion rates to generate higher revenue.
Integrate data into sales analytics
We offer data analytics integrations from various e-commerce platforms into a single place in the form of a data warehouse, which is the foundation of sales and consumer behavior analytics. We'll combine data from WooCommerce, Shopify, Google Analytics, Ads, and more for you.
ROAS Reporting
We develop processes that integrate data from various digital advertising platforms (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads) along with cost data from internal sources or third-party tools. All wrapped up in attractive dashboards, showcasing key performance metrics like ad spend, clicks, views, conversions and revenue generated across different advertising channels. This allows you to accurately calculate the ROAS for each campaign.

Transaction data analysis

BI enables deeper analysis of transactional data to identify customer buying patterns, popular products and the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

Preventing shopping cart abandonment

BI data analysis can help identify factors leading to shopping cart abandonment, enabling e-commerce stores to take corrective action, such as offering discounts or improving the order process.

Respond faster to market trends

BI makes it possible to monitor market trends, allowing e-commerce stores to respond quickly to changes in customer preferences and adjust their offerings to meet current market needs.

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