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The Business Intelligence tools we choose are always perfectly tailored to your needs - both in terms of usability and financial. We listen to your needs. Check out what that looks like.

Why did we choose these tools?

  • Saving time

    We know that reporting requires repetitive processes such as pasting data between different files. We replace these with automation, so you can better use your and your team's time on tasks that deliver value.

  • Complete integration

    All tools integrate perfectly with each other, and the automated processes happen on their own. The data flows arranged during implementation independently feed the required structures and reports.

  • No-code solutions

    Don't have an IT team on board? No problem! The tools we use are easy to use and intuitive. Anyone - no matter how advanced - will manage to use them.

  • Quick start

    Starting and implementing Business Intelligence with our tools takes a very short time. This is a definite plus because you don't have to spend time and other resources.

We work with tools that we know and know meet the highest requirements. Their selection depends on your needs - we analyze each case individually and choose personalized solutions.
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Our offerings include services for reporting automation, data analysis and visualization, data storage and warehousing, ETL/ELT integration. We perform Tableau audits, provide post-implementation care, data enrichment and team extension. In addition, we also offer training in BI tools - Tableau, Alteryx, Snowflake and license purchase.

The pricing structure for business analytics services is determined individually for each project, taking into account its scope, complexity and client requirements. The price is mainly based on the number of hours of work of specialists and the technologies and tools used.

Yes, after each implementation we provide documentation and training on the implemented solutions. We also take care of maintenance and support for projects if needed.

After implementation, we offer comprehensive technical support, system maintenance and regular software updates.

Integration with existing systems is done through the best possible solution in a given scenario. If the data source is a cloud or SaaS application then we will use native connectors in ETL/ELT tools or write a connector to an API. In other cases, we write dedicated integrations.

We design a variety of data visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts, line charts, heat maps, dynamic tables and interactive dashboards tailored to the client's business needs. The charts are interactive and allow drill-down.

We perform a variety of data analysis, including trend analysis, forecasting, customer segmentation, cost and profit analysis, and much more depending on the client's needs.

We tailor services to specific business problems. We mainly work for manufacturing, retail, service, e-commerce, start-ups and marketing agencies. Do you run a business in another industry? Write to us!

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