Tableau Cloud

Tableau is a data visualization and business analysis tool. It is a software that allows users to easily create interactive and attractive charts, tables, dashboards and reports based on various data sources.

Use Tableau without additional software.

Tableau Cloud is a fully managed cloud solution that allows users to create, edit, share and collaborate on real-time data visualizations. Users can use Tableau's extensive capabilities to analyze trends and share results with their team. All this in one place.

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Create visualizations in the cloud with Tableau Cloud.


With Tableau Cloud, you gain more time and save money because you don't spend it on setting up and operating the hardware by specialists qualified to do so. You can get started in minutes. Tableau Cloud is a fully hosted solution, so you'll never have to configure servers, manage software updates or scale hardware capacity.

Connect to data from anywhere

With Tableau Cloud, you can always have your data at hand. Connect to cloud databases like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. Automatically refresh data from web apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce. Query local databases and schedule refresh extraction with Tableau Bridge.

Easier data analytics

Make analytics easy for everyone by adding data stories and automated, easy-to-understand narratives to dashboards. Explore and answer critical business questions in natural language with Ask Data.

Ask Data

Ask Data allows users to interact with data using the natural language that people use every day. Through a fast and efficient interface - just type in a question with search suggestions, you can receive instant answers.

Ask Data

Explain Data

Explain Data provides automatic explanations of the value of individual data points, with a single click. Save time and discover new understanding of your data.

Explain Data

Tableau Blueprint

Create a data-driven organization, whether you're just getting started with modern, self-service analytics or need to broaden, deepen and scale your use of data.

Tableau Blueprint

Tableau Cloud

Fast Deployment

Without the need for an on-premises installation, Tableau Cloud lets you get started right away, significantly speeding up the time it takes to deploy analytics in your organization.

Scalability on demand

Tableau Cloud is ideal for both small businesses and large enterprises because it easily adapts to growing business needs, allowing you to expand your assets without unnecessary complications.


With Tableau Cloud, data is safe with strict cloud security and regulatory compliance protocols, giving users confidence that their information is protected.

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