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Tableau Public supports the creation of dynamic and interactive visualizations that can be easily shared with anyone online. It allows you to quickly organize, analyze and visualize information. This free platform is designed for anyone who wants to start exploring their data quickly and easily.

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A free tool for creating visualizations.

Free Data Visualization Tool

Tableau Public offers a powerful tool for creating powerful data visualizations at no charge, allowing you to analyze and share insights with a wide audience.

Publish and share online

Users can easily publish their dashboards and visualizations online, allowing them to reach a wide audience and share knowledge.

Interactivity and collaboration

Tableau Public enables you to create interactive visualizations that bring public data to life, while supporting a community of users to share ideas and solutions.

Support for a variety of data sources

Users can connect to different types of data sources, including Excel files, Google Sheets and text files. This allows users to easily import and analyze data from selected files.

Support for a variety of data sources

Interactive dashboards and visualizations

The developed visualizations and dashboards can be easily made interactive, allowing end users to explore the data by filtering, sorting and transforming the presented visual data.

Interactive dashboards and visualizations


The "story points" function enables the creation of narratives from the data by combining visualizations into a sequential story to provide more context and conclusions.


Tableau Public

Accessibility for all

With no price barrier, Tableau Public is available to everyone from students to seasoned analysts, which fosters learning and developing data skills.

Community of users

Users can benefit from Tableau Public's extensive community to share knowledge, be inspired by the work of others, and receive support from the community.


Professionals and data enthusiasts can use the platform to showcase their skills and research work, which can help build a personal brand and find new career opportunities.

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