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Business Intelligence is extremely helpful to companies involved in commerce, providing tools for data analysis, effective information management, and facilitating strategic decision-making.

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Dedicated solutions for trading companies

Analysis of B2B and B2C customer segmentation
We offer customer segmentation analysis to help sellers better understand customer behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns, leading to targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences. The solution is packaged in interactive dashboards available on every device.
Integrating data into multi-channel analytics
Integrating data analytics across multiple sales channels (e.g. online, brick-and-mortar) provides retailers with a holistic view of their business performance. This allows them to make more informed decisions.
Demand and market share forecasting models
We develop demand forecasting models that use historical sales data and external factors to accurately predict future trends. This enables retailers to optimize inventory levels and minimize inventory shortages.

Increase competitiveness

A company that skillfully uses BI can better respond to market changes, adapt to customer needs and compete more effectively in the market.

Better customer understanding

BI data analysis allows a better understanding of customer behavior, preferences, purchase history and other factors influencing purchasing decisions. This makes it possible to tailor offerings to customers' needs.

Optimal operation of warehouses

With BI, it is possible to track inventory levels, forecast product demand and avoid overstocking. This can lead to minimizing losses associated with out-of-date goods and optimizing storage costs.

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