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Data warehousing and data warehousing will give you quicker, simpler and more efficient access to data. Also the big ones.

Data warehousing provides the foundation for business intelligence systems, enabling rapid generation of reports, trend analysis and presentation of information in the form of easy-to-read dashboards.

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Scope of service


Together with the client, we agree on a strategy for the implementation of Business intelligence tools, matching the direction of development of his organization.


During the implementation of BI, we install, configure, test, train and prepare documentation. We help at every stage.


After setting the objectives and expected results, we help in the selection of the tools required for implementation, guided by the chosen strategy.


After the implementation, we transfer all know-how to the customer's resources. All this so that the service in the future can be carried out without additional assistance. Vizyble specialists will be happy to answer any questions and support you in maintaining the process.

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Service implementation process

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Pre-implementation analysis

During a “zero” meeting or workshop, we jointly determine the objectives of the project, its exact scope and the expected functionalities of the Business intelligence solution.


Presentation of the concept

In the next step, we propose how the service will be performed, in accordance with the established requirements. All this is tailored to the environment of a particular company.


BI implementation

During the implementation, we provide the necessary BI tools and implement them in the client environment.



In order to ensure the successful adoption of the delivered solutions, we carry out training for end users and prepare documentation.


Post-route assistance

After the implementation stage, we enter the 'hyper care' mode to ensure that the solution works stably. After this period, you decide whether you want to maintain the solution on your own or with the support of Vizyble.

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Financial Dashboard


Dashboard for HR

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Dashboard for Manufacturing Company


Marketing Dashboard


Logistics Dashboard

for data storage.

There is a wide range of data warehousing tools on the business intelligence market. At Vizyble, we most often work in Snowflake or Big Query, which provides exceptional data mining capabilities.

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Business Intelligence solutions allow companies to efficiently collect, analyze and present data to make faster fact-based decisions, identify trends, optimize processes and increase business efficiency. Implementing Business Intelligence solutions can bring a number of benefits to a company, such as faster data-driven decision-making, improved operational and strategic efficiency, identification of trends and patterns hidden in data, increased competitiveness through better understanding of the business, optimization of business processes or increased profitability through better use of data.

We tailor services to specific business problems. We mainly work for manufacturing, retail, service, e-commerce, start-ups and marketing agencies. Do you run a business in another industry? Write to us!

We perform a variety of data analysis, including trend analysis, forecasting, customer segmentation, cost and profit analysis, and much more depending on the client's needs.

We design a variety of data visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts, line charts, heat maps, dynamic tables and interactive dashboards tailored to the client's business needs. The charts are interactive and allow drill-down.

We ensure the security and confidentiality of data through the use of encryption protocols, authentication systems, access privilege management. We connect to the client's infrastructure through VPN.

We usually conduct projects in agile methodologies, but we are not afraid to carry out large implementation projects using the waterfall method. All project management takes place in Notion, where clients can monitor the progress of the project on an ongoing basis and have access to project documentation.

Integration with existing systems is done through the best possible solution in a given scenario. If the data source is a cloud or SaaS application then we will use native connectors in ETL/ELT tools or write a connector to an API. In other cases, we write dedicated integrations.

The first steps in implementation include understanding the client's needs, defining the project's business objectives, collecting and analyzing data, and designing appropriate solutions.

Our team consists of experienced specialists in the areas of data analysis, business intelligence, programming and business consulting with extensive experience in implementing projects for various industries.

Yes, we are able to configure both a data warehouse and a data lake tailored to your specific needs. We use traditional technologies MsSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and cloud solutions Snowflake, BigQuery, Databricks.

Yes, after each implementation we provide documentation and training on the implemented solutions. We also take care of maintenance and support for projects if needed.

After implementation, we offer comprehensive technical support, system maintenance and regular software updates.

The pricing structure for business analytics services is determined individually for each project, taking into account its scope, complexity and client requirements. The price is mainly based on the number of hours of work of specialists and the technologies and tools used.

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